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Autor Hi!

My name is Bogusław Kempny.

For several years I have been dealing with, among other things, Raspberry Pi computers.

If you are on this page, you probably know what Raspberry Pi is, so I won't explain.

If you don't know and you want to know, what is the internet for?

I was fascinated by these toys. A simple, small, cheap computer, and powerful possibilities.

Their reliability is also astonishing, not only that they withstand extreme conditions, for example in an unheated tin barrack, but also patiently endure accidental mistreatment when starting the system.

Of course, I do not suggest checking it personally, it is better, if you take my word for it, I have damaged only one so far - mechanically, with a drill, while mounting it in the housing.

And mistakes are made during the experiments, wrong supply voltage, short-circuited GPIO pins, power overload, sparks from static electricity ...

It would seem that they are great for fun, but for serious purposes, it is better not to use them.

Nothing could be more wrong.

The ones that I have already installed have been working 24 hours a day for several years, they control breathalyzers, open doors, barriers, gates, turnstiles, take photos, and control a petrol station distributor.

I do not like the fact that the information about Raspberry Pi on the internet is on an embarrassingly low level.

If there is already a prototype board, two cables, a diode, plus three lines of python code, it is a serious article/presentation.

The information is provided unreliably, without verification, the same in many places, copied with the mouse and decorated with different graphics.

I know that I cannot fix the world, but I decided to change it a bit. Hence, the idea of this website, where I would like to (I hope it will not be overly graphomania) show some solutions that I personally made and checked.