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Yes, I'll write a bit more, but in my spare time. IT specialists live not only on beer, sometimes they have to cook their own lunch!

I buy beer in a store, but I cook my own dinner, for example, a duck leg:

I like cooking, but there is not always time for it. I do not want to poison myself with wonderful meat products from a supermarket. They differ in catchy names, but their ingredients lists are filled with food additives, smoke flavorings, and the unfortunate soy protein, which in sausages reminds me of cotton in chocolate, an invention of Milo from "Paragraph 22" by Joseph Heller.

My invention is a pork loin in pea soup. It takes tens of seconds to make it, I'm not kidding. The inspiration was a sentence from an old cookbook: "We are not supposed to smoke pork loin, it is best in pea soup". Zero tips on how to do this, so I started experiments, the result of which is a delicious, aromatic, juicy pork loin, perfect for both sandwiches and as a main course.

How to make it? It's trivial. Tie pork loin with string to make it look nice, although it is not necessary. Cook a classic pea soup (its cooking time is, of course, not included in the preparation time of pork loin). When the soup is ready, season it traditionally with garlic ground with salt and marjoram, bring it to the boiling point (don't boil it!), and turn off the heat. Put the pork piece into the soup and leave it overnight. Once again: DO NOT BOIL it because the meat will be dry. The result - as in the photo above, and the taste and aroma - try doing it and you will find out.

And a few of my other dinners